Tips on how to find the perfect office space for a start-up

If your start-up is fast expanding, it might be time to consider commercial office space for rent. A growing number of employees and increasing amounts of equipment can all mean that having your own office space is a must. However, finding a suitable office can be stressful. Take a look at our tips to find the perfect office space for your start-up.

Determine the amount of space you need

Before you start looking for an office, estimate how much space you need. Assess your current number of employees and their working hours, as well as any plans to grow, this will help you determine the amount of desk space you require and whether you will need hot desk facilities. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need around 120 sq. ft. per employee.

Consider where your employees live

Looking for office space in a central location accessible by most of your employees is going to be most convenient. However, it’s also important to consider transport links, the business community around you and also the cost of rent. It may be possible to find a conveniently located office that isn’t in the centre of town or on the high street, looking a couple of streets back or on side streets can be more affordable for your business.

Only trust experienced letters

Avoid renting office space from a landlord who is new to commercial letting as they may not understand your business’ needs. Choosing a specialist in commercial office space who works with start-ups will take the weight off your shoulders, they should be able to offer 24-hour access, business broadband, receptionist facilities and even security features. Always do your research before entering into a contract.

Consider sharing your space

Shared office space is a great way to attain an affordable rent while also improving your business network, a win-win for start-ups. Shared office spaces are often thriving hubs of creativity and dynamism, representing a great opportunity to collaborate with other new businesses. If you have irregular hours or don’t always need to use your office, it’s also much more economical.

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