With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies to shake up their approach to the office, the past two years have been nothing short of a workspace revolution. Working from home is more desirable than ever, with many companies offering remote work and flexible working conditions, and more and more workers pushing for home working. How can

The benefits of home working

The benefits of working from home are numerous. Cutting down the commute saves money, time, and stress, and you can spend more time with family or on hobbies. It reduces distractions, and employees are more productive. For the employer, remote working lets you recruit the best talent no matter the location, and saves money that would be otherwise spent on costlier commercial properties.

Why consider a virtual office?

A virtual office gives you the flexibility and comfort of working from home while retaining the benefits of an established company, such as a local, virtual address in Bristol that customers can trust, a reception service, and meeting rooms.

One downside of working from home is the inability to separate your business brand from your personal address and mobile number. A virtual office lets you keep this private information separate from your business, as well as provide a more credible and accessible image to customers.

For businesses that are just getting started, a virtual office is a cost-efficient way of establishing a professional brand and accessing necessary office services without investing money in an office space, which requires higher rent and upkeep costs.

Whether you’re a new company looking for an affordable way to build your brand or an established business making the switch to flexible working, Biztec can provide you with a virtual office in Bristol. To find out more, get in touch with a member of our friendly Biztec team.