Businesses UK-wide are slowly starting to recognise the benefits of virtual offices. If you’re based in Bristol, but don’t want the hassle or expense of running an office, you could rent one without the need to be there physically.

Here are just three key benefits of having a virtual office in Bristol.
1. Make your business more credible
If you’re a sole trader, you’ll probably work from home. This means your residential address will appear on paperwork you send to clients – including business cards. A virtual office in Bristol, on the other hand, would establish your company as permanent, credible, and prestigious. Customers are more likely to trust a business address – as they can call a landline instead of a mobile number.
2. Work from any UK-location
A key advantage of having a virtual address in Bristol is that you can work anywhere: from your home, a hotel room, or even when travelling abroad. Your customers won’t know where you are in the world either – because your virtual premises will include a dedicated reception service. This means important calls can be transferred seamlessly to you without any suggestion you’re working remotely.
3. Avoid hefty rental costs
If you’re just starting out, the idea of investing in serviced or shared office space can be worrying. Virtual premises overcome this problem by providing you with a permanent address – making customers more likely to interact with your product or service. There’s nothing stopping you from renting commercial property in Bristol later, once your business is fully established.
Explore virtual offices in Bristol today
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