Has your team recently grown or downsized? Are you looking for a new office space in or around Bristol? You may be wondering what size office to go for. Here are some points to consider when deciding how much office space you need…

What layout would you like?
How would you like to set up your workspace? Do you want employees working closely on shared desks, or will you have separate small offices? Generally, separate offices or pods will require more space.

How big is your team?
Once you’ve decided on your layout, you’ll need to take your team size into consideration. Will everyone be in each day, or will some people continue flexible or hybrid working? As expected, a smaller team generally requires a smaller office. However, this is where your layout choice comes into play.

Calculate square footage per employee
If you want an open-plan office with rows of desks, a good guideline is to allocate 100 square feet per person. On the other hand, if you’d like a mixture of open desk space and private offices, 150–250 square feet per employee is a good starting point.

Businesses that require a network of larger private offices will be looking at 250–500 square feet per employee.
Do you want a communal area?

If you’d like a breakout space, kitchen area, or quiet room, you’ll need to decide how much square footage to allocate to this. Perhaps you’d like to look into shared office space. There are a host of coworking space options in Bristol, where you’ll find communal areas the whole building can enjoy.
Bristol office space to rent
Whether you’re looking for something small and cosy or big and spacious, we can help you find the perfect office to let.


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