A cramped office can affect the productivity and efficiency levels of your employees. Therefore, it is important to give your staff a comfortable and pleasant workplace where their needs are met. If you feel like you have outgrown your existing office and you are in need of an upgrade, here are the signs your business is ready for relocation.

1. Your workstations are cramped

Working in a crowded environment can be distracting. If there are too many people in a cramped room, it is hard to remain focused. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide enough workspace for your staff. According to workplace regulations, you need to provide a minimum of 40 square feet of floor space for each employee. If your current space does not meet this requirement, it is time to move to a bigger office.

2. Storage area is overflowing

If there is an overflowing pile of paperwork on your filing cabinet, it may be time for an office upgrade. Having messy storage can lead to productivity loss as it can eat up a significant amount of time looking for relevant documents. While adding another cabinet can provide you with more storage, doing this will only take up more valuable space. In this case, moving to another office space would be an ideal solution.

3. Not enough meeting rooms

Meetings are arranged to set new goals and discuss important project decisions. As such, if they are not held on time, your deadlines may not be met, resulting in the loss of clients and revenue. If your current place doesn’t have its own meeting room, you may consider moving to a serviced office. Most of them have conference rooms that you can use for private meetings. They are much better than public areas like coffee shops and restaurants, where proprietary information could be leaked. Also, renting a meeting room could cost you more than upgrading to a better office.

4. Your company needs a revamp

Aside from the lack of office space, another reason why you may need to relocate is to gain an improved working environment. Upgrading to an appealing office space can help attract and retain talent, as well as help develop your brand identity in the mind of your clients. Having a new office space can revive and enhance the positive aspects of your company.

5. Your lease is expiring

If your current lease is expiring, it is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your office situation. If it is not working for you anymore or the tenancy terms are changing, you may consider moving to another office space. This can give you the chance to update, change and refresh your brand as well as your office aesthetics.

6. Your business has increasing needs

Growing businesses can face many challenges. With the increasing demands that need to be met, you will need to hire more employees, purchase new equipment and improve other necessary resources. To accommodate this growth, you will need to move to an improved office location. Moving to an enhanced space like a serviced office can ensure that your processes will be continuous and efficient, allowing your business to further succeed.

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