Our mental health should always be a priority – here are several ways in which you can benefit yours by using shared office space:

1. Feeling part of Bristol’s community when you let an office here

We are of course social beings; humans weren’t designed to work well in isolation. Many studies show detrimental effects of being alone: the APA even reports that “loneliness and social isolation are twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity.” If you are looking for better wellbeing through shared office space in Bristol, you will feel more a part of our city’s vibrant community versus working from home.

2. Networking opportunities if you’re looking for an office to let in Bristol

You will find that having a collective space to work in can help in sparking new connections and collaborations. Shared office space can result in surprising personal benefits too, like new support systems, which can be forged by the water-cooler, in the kitchen and even whilst sharing a lift. These light social interactions can help lift a heavy day and give people a sense of belonging, boosting wellbeing.

3. It’s easier to focus in a non-domestic environment

When you’re not being distracted by piles of laundry and a dish full of sinks, you’re more able to stay focused on the work you are being paid to do. Not having to split your attention gives your brain more latitude and your output flow increases. We all know that mental health is important to focus on, and you can make it a priority by having clear boundaries between work and home. Our Bristol serviced offices can make your life easier — and more crucially — happier.

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