Slowly our lives are returning to the “new normal”. While we are still keeping our distance, many of us have begun back at work. As we get ready to mix and mingle once again, there is nothing more important than our safety. Today we’ll share with you some tips for preparing to head back to the office.

Offering Office Space

75% of office workers reported disliking the lack of social interaction from working at home during the pandemic.

There is something very important about office space. It makes work feel more human and less isolated. While our instant offices make a great work environment, they also bring people closer.

Implementing Safety Measures

A risk assessment should be done before inviting your employees back to work. This is beneficial to you and them.

Employers must make the workplace as safe as possible for every single person who walks into that door.

Since we have offer serviced office space here in Bristol for a while now, we know how important it is to keep our community safe and healthy.

Open Up the Conversation

A great way to prepare for heading back to the office is to ask your employees what they think. Getting feedback from staff can help you see eye to eye.

You may find out that now is not the time to head back to work, and in that case, we have a solution too.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices make a great compromise for those who are not quite ready to return to work yet.

You reap the benefits of a postal address, reception team and meeting rooms without the need of being physically there.

You can read more about how to keep your workforce safe during coronavirus with a virtual office here.

We have virtual office space to let in Bedminster, Kingswood, Avonmouth, and Brislington.

If you have any questions about the safety of our offices, renting a virtual office, or anything else please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.