As a freelancer or remote worker, working from home can sound like a great deal. No commute, no specified attire, no set hours. But working from home has its downsides, like loneliness and a lack of productivity and motivation. It’s also important to keep a separate place for work that you only use during set hours, and if you don’t have this, or are struggling to maintain a work-life balance, maybe you should consider a shared office space.

How do shared office spaces work?

A co-working space is usually a commercial space for rent that is used as an office for remote workers. The office space is rented out by a company who charges a small fee or monthly membership for anyone who wants to use it. The remote workers or freelancers can be part of multiple different companies, meaning there is a diverse array of people working within one space.

Within the shared office space, there are large desks and workspaces, private offices, kitchen facilities, and of course, good internet access. All utilities such as electricity and water are included in the price, and there is often a reception area for secure check in. At our Bristol serviced offices, you can enjoy 24 hour access, networking opportunities, and business advice.

What are the benefits of a shared office space?

While you might enjoy the solitude and privacy of working from home, humans are social creatures, and as such, being around others is proven to increase happiness, brain function, and memory.

A shared office space also sets on you a schedule that brings more structure to your day, so that when you leave the office, you’re telling your brain to stop thinking about work. This in turn improves productivity, working at a scheduled time rather than intermittently through the day.
Being around dozens of people from different companies also opens up a multitude of networking opportunities – you never know who you might connect with!
If you’re looking for a Bristol office space to rent, get in touch with Biztec Group today and get your first month’s rent for free!