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As more companies adapt to the new working climate, employers have been assigned with the tricky challenge of creating a safe environment for their staff as those who cannot work from home return to the office.

While we have been supporting clients with our shared office space and offers on modern virtual offices, employers have also continued to lead the charge against the pandemic by tackling health and safety concerns in a number of inventive and innovative ways.

If you’re considering commercial property for rent, here are some tips and tricks, which could help maximise the effectiveness of social distancing in the office:

1. Clear and concise regulations

A lengthy and detailed policy should not equate to a lengthy set of guidelines and regulations. Ensure there are visible aids for your workforce around the office, outlining key points of the company’s health and safety.

Keep them short and sweet. Display them in poster form around the office in open spaces so they’re noticeable and easily memorable.

2. Stagger the work day

It can be difficult to plan when we need our breaks, but some organisations are trialing the idea of staggered rest and relief breaks. For example; if a company comprises six departments, each one might be entitled to a ten-minute slot within the space of each hour.

By doing this, you minimise the risk of transmission and congestion in areas with regular footfall.

3. One way systems

This might appear superfluous, but creating a walkway for your employees will keep close encounters few and far between and adhere to the 2m social distance rule as much as reasonably possible.

While this may not be an exhaustive list, it is an excellent start to ensuring the health and safety of your employees is maintained.

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