Moving offices doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Whether you’re moving because of business relocation, more space requirements or your current lease has expired, there are a number of things you should take into consideration to make the process go smoothly.


Ideally, you need to start by reviewing any outstanding contractual obligations and agreements under your current lease. Even if the property is in order, a mistake that clashes with the agreement could cost you the deposit for the building.

Within your organisation, you should delegate a manager or leader responsible for taking initiative on office movement preparations. This should be someone who will seek out the best quotes for office removal and confirm moving dates.

If your office to let operates with expensive equipment or valuable office entities, consider making insurance plans to prepare for any accidental events in which office valuables are compromised or damaged.

Keeping people up to date

Employees and anyone who operates at the current office should be given adequate notice about the office relocation and be given accurate dates for official movement. There will likely be a list of people outside of the office that will need to be informed too, including clients and partners.

The landlord or letting agency under your current lease need to be kept up to date with an official notice and any outstanding responsibilities they are required to undertake during the process.

Plan the new shared office space

Well before this point, you will already know the location the office will be moving to. When visiting the new office space, take into account current furnishings and make a list of criteria of what the new space currently needs and doesn’t need. This is so you have an understanding of any orders that need to be made before moving into the new office.

You should also plan for the new office layout and tailor it to the new space. Obviously, if you have chosen an office space to relocate to, it must be sufficient to accommodate your organisation’s needs, but it would be beneficial to draft a floor plan.

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