If your company has thrived with a work-from-home arrangement, you might have ditched your physical office space completely — opting instead to rent a virtual office space.

There are many benefits of having a virtual office. For instance, keeping a local business address (useful for receiving post and building customer trust), having a reception, and retaining access to meeting rooms for occasional use. The list goes on.

Still undecided about renting a virtual office space? Read our blog on why you should consider a virtual office.

Once you have your virtual office space, here’s how to make the most of it…


Funnel saved money back into your business

Many business owners switch to having a virtual office at least partly because of the financial incentive. This is a valid reason! There’s no question about it. Having a virtual office is cheaper than renting a physical space.

However, it’s important to remember that saving money on rent and bills is only worth it if you do something with it. It’s a mistake to opt for a virtual office with grand ideas of how you’ll use the saved money if you don’t follow through with it.

Reward your employees

Give your employees those bonuses you planned for, raise starting salaries to attract the best new recruits, and splash out on motivating WFH perks for your team. 

If employees are missing out on the benefits of a physical office (like socialising, free coffee and snacks, and in-person collaboration), they’re sure to appreciate a share of the savings.

Upgrade your systems

Does your software need updating? Perhaps your tech needs upgrading? Invest in the tools your employees use every day to improve productivity and make tasks easier. It will help your profits in the long run!


What’s included with your virtual office?

Pay attention to what’s included with your virtual office. Even if you decided to pay for a virtual address for one reason, e.g. to have a listed local address, you could benefit from other perks that come with your space.

Would it be helpful to meet some clients in person rather than online? Use your office address for major meetings if this is an option. Need to order equipment to a secure location? Send it to your virtual address. You’ll have peace of mind that reception staff will keep your parcels until you can collect them.

We know that the Bristol businesses using our virtual offices love having dedicated reception teams and access to convenient meeting rooms.

If you’re unsure about what’s included with your virtual office, don’t hesitate to check!


Rent office space with Biztec Group

If you’re looking to rent a virtual office space and address in Bristol, we can help. Contact us today to explore your options. We offer competitive rates and virtual offices with a range of facilities.

Alternatively, if you’re on the hunt for cost-effective, serviced office space in Bristol, ask us about our available units around the city. From Bedminster to Brislington — rent an office in your ideal location.

When you’re looking to rent office space in Bristol, finding the ideal place can be a challenge. Our experts will chat to you about your needs and show you suitable options. We know the market and are always happy to help.

To rent an office or to rent a virtual office space? It’s a tricky question. At Biztec Group, our team is here to help you answer it.