As the coronavirus lockdown begins to ease in England, many businesses are planning their transition back to normal working life. It goes without saying that the biggest consideration for employers should be how they can best keep their employees safe during this difficult time.

1. Continue working from home and set up a virtual office space

A great way to protect your employee’s health whilst reducing overheads is to consider changing to a virtual address. With many people preferring to work from the comfort of their own homes through the pandemic, spending money on keeping a permanent office may seem like a waste. Making the switch to a virtual office space means you can keep the benefits of having an address such as privacy, options for growth, and a professional image, whilst respecting your employee’s safety concerns about returning to the office.

2. Have face-to-face meetings only when necessary

If your company is working remotely, you’ll be used to having your meetings through video calls. Working online is a great way to minimize your employee’s coronavirus risk. What’s more, by renting a virtual office with BizTec, you can still book meeting rooms at a convenient serviced office space in Bristol when it is necessary to host an in-person meeting.

3. Remain flexible

Listen to your employees’ concerns about your company’s working practices, be accommodating to individual’s needs, and remain open to change. The government’s advice on coronavirus precautions and your employee’s personal risks will be constantly changing, and this is likely to be the case for a long time. Staying aware of the country’s risk level and being adaptable to your employee’s working preferences is crucial for their physical health and peace of mind.