Over the past years, serviced offices have been springing up to accommodate the needs of various businesses, from start-up companies and small business entrepreneurs to large corporations. However, despite the dramatic growth of co-working spaces, there are still many misconceptions. Today, we are going to debunk those myths to give you a clear understanding of what serviced offices truly offer.

Myth 1: Serviced offices are expensive

When using a serviced office, you don’t have to worry about the construction and set-up costs of having your own space. You can just sign a short-term contract and choose from a range of affordable deals that a provider offers. Aside from this, it can help you avoid spending a big chunk of your budget on a work space larger than your team size. Also, if you’re going to include other typical monthly expenses like overhead costs, maintenance and amenities, it will turn out to be more cost-effective. The money that you can save from leasing a serviced office can be used for other company improvements.

Myth 2: Working in a serviced office can be unproductive

People working remotely are actually believed to be more productive than those working in a traditional office setting. As you are in close proximity with other highly motivated people, you will be inspired to do your best as well. You will also be able to finish your tasks on time since you do not have distractions and you won’t feel as pressured because your boss is not around to supervise you. In addition to this, working in a serviced office gives you a more flexible schedule and makes you less stressed over your daily commute, increasing your productivity at work.

Myth 3: Serviced offices are just for start-ups and small businesses

It cannot be denied that most emerging businesses today utilise co-working spaces. However, this is not always the case. Recently, large companies have also tapped the resources of serviced offices because of the innovation, creativity, productivity and flexibility it offers. Whether to be used as a satellite office or as an additional space for meetings, more and more companies are now turning to serviced solution to take advantage of its benefits.

Myth 4: Serviced offices present security risks

People would normally think that an open office plan has increased security risks. We would like to discredit that. Most offices have installed security cameras to keep an eye on people who use their facility to ensure that both the tenants and their work spaces are safe. Also, if you have concerns with data breach, there are tools that you can use to keep sensitive company information protected. One way to keep your data safe is by using a secured network when working.

Myth 5: Serviced offices are unprofessional

This claim is not even close to the truth. Co-working spaces provide physical offices, meeting rooms, conference centres, office equipment and administrative services. With a range of reliable amenities that serviced offices offer, its level of professionalism cannot be questioned.

Myth 6: Moving to a serviced office is a difficult process

Trust us, it’s not as hard as you think. With its “plug and play” concept, all you need is a laptop and you’re good to go. You won’t have to deal with the stress of purchasing expensive furniture and equipment for your office as they are already provided in the package. So if you are just starting your business or you’re planning to move your office location, using a serviced office is a an ideal option.

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