As the roadmap to post-pandemic life is in full swing, the uncertainty over returning to office spaces lingers amongst many business owners. With working from home becoming a prominent feature for many employees during the pandemic, companies are now questioning the need for city-based offices.

If you’re considering a commercial property for rent in Bristol, or elsewhere, post-lockdown, here’s your checklist to ensure you have a comfortable and planned phased return for your and your employees’ benefits.

1. Health and safety plan

The anxiety that employees have on returning to an office space is whether they’ll be safe or not. For this reason, a set of guidelines and regulations should be laid out well in advance, preferably shared with the larger team a few weeks in advance. Additionally, once in the office, ensure visible aids are clearly laid out. One-way systems, which we are now used to in supermarkets and non-essential retail shops, will help keep close encounters to a minimum.

2. Be prepared for flexibility

It’s highly recommended that phasing of going back to your office space will be much more effective in the long run than going back to pre-pandemic “normal” working conditions. To do this, think of implementing the following;

  • Split days between office working and WFH
  • Assess the maximum amount of persons who can work in your office whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines
  • Stagger the team back to the office. This could be through a rota system or identifying team members who need to be in the office as opposed to those who could carry on WFH for a longer period of time
 3. Listen to your team

Make sure you keep all of your employees’ well-being in mind when planning your return to your rented commercial property or other. Not only will this reassure them that their employer wants to create the most comfortable return, but it’s also in your benefit to ensure productivity doesn’t suffer during this time.

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