A new year is always a popular time for people to assess their work and lifestyle situations, take up new hobbies and begin new ventures. Perhaps it’s the exercise regime you’ve been putting off for a few months or a book you’ve been meaning to write. Or maybe, it’s even that new business idea you’ve been developing in your head for ages. So, if 2020 has seen you launch a new start-up company, a virtual office could be great to get you going.

Professional image without the cost

A virtual office is a great option for giving your new business a professional image to prospective clients, but without forking out a fortune on a serviced office in Bristol or coworking space. It can save you hundreds a month, and for a start-up, this can be the difference between success and failure. A virtual office gives you a professional, virtual address Bristol clients will recognise, in either Bedminster, Kingswood, Avonmouth or Brislington, before you spread your wings to the wider market.


A virtual office allows you and your employees to work remotely, wherever suits you best. Just set yourself up at home, in a coffee shop or even on the train, while your virtual address means prospective clients have a constant address at which to send documents, tenders or any other mail.


The money you save by starting your business with a virtual office rather than wasting time and energy finding a Bristol office or a shared office to rent, means you can make yourself more attractive to both potential clients and employees. You’ll be able to pass your lower outgoings onto clients if you wish, with special introductory offers for example, or even have a greater pot of money to offer prospective employees, helping you attract the best in the business to your company. The ability for employees to work remotely also means you are not limiting your pool of talent to a commutable area too.