Are you looking at finding a new office space for your business? In this article, we cover the five advantages to renting a commercial property.

Location, location, location

One of the biggest advantages to renting an instant office space is the flexibility it provides. While it is important to get the location of your new office right, there is less pressure to do so when opting for an instant office as you can move when it suits you – no lengthy contracts or notice periods to navigate.

While you will have much more flexibility with an instant office, it is still advisable to do your research before choosing a location – it’ll need to be accessible for both employees and clients.

A good indicator is whether other businesses in the building are doing well. What sort of businesses are based there, and are they thriving?

You’ll also need to think practically. How easy is it to get to the office by car, and by public transport? While you may find that office space is cheaper when outside of a major city, you may find this affects business, as clients could find it difficult to get there.

Finally, think about your company’s reputation. For example, a cutting edge design agency may fare better in a city location, while a law firm could be best placed in a financial district, or among other similar organisations.

The beauty of an instant office is that you can try both for size!


Another fantastic advantage of instant offices is that you’re able to flex the facilities you need, as you need them. If your team grows, no problem, simply find another instant office that suits your requirements.

However, it is still important to assess your needs before choosing an instant office. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a smaller office space to save money, as a relocation later down the line could be costly.

If you can, choose an office space with an adjustable layout, so you can move things like desks, storage and electricity supply around the room as required.

You’ll also need to check health and safety regulations, to make sure your chosen space meets UK standards. Ventilation, lighting, toilets and kitchen facilities should all be checked.


You’ll find that most instant offices include parking nearby – no need to worry about dealing with local councils to secure spaces for your staff.

Make sure to check your chosen instant office has enough parking for your colleagues. With traditional office leases, you may have limited parking available and therefore will need to speak to the local council to negotiate special parking rates in nearby car parks. The good news is that most instant office providers do this bit for you, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands.

Sharing your space

A great way to keep costs down is to share your commercial space with other similar organisations. This is really easy when using an instant office provider, as they can negotiate and set this up for you, saving you time and money.

With shared office space, not only will you save on things like facilities, maintenance and running costs, your employees will likely benefit from a nicer environment as you don’t have to cover the entire bill yourself.

Read the fine print

You’ll also find that choosing an instant office space over a traditional commercial property let is that it significantly cuts down the amount of paperwork you need to complete.

With instant offices, the majority of the legwork is handled by the provider. However, it is still highly recommended to check the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

While hidden costs are less likely with instant offices, you may find that some vendors won’t include vital information such as added running costs, maintenance or insurance. If you’re unsure, ask the vendor. A quality letting agent will always take the time to run through your contract and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, it is recommended that you take out comprehensive tenant insurance to cover yourself and your employees should something go wrong.

Ready to rent an instant office space?

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