The future of work looks very different in the post-pandemic world. And what was once a much-valued perk has become the new normal. But not everyone is satisfied when working from home with only 26% of employees feeling they can brainstorm and execute effectively.
It seems we could be heading into a hybrid work ecosystem – which means you shouldn’t give up your shared office space just yet.
Why do you need to keep your commercial property even when you’re working from home?
So does it make sense to keep your commercial property even when you’re working from home? Here are 5 reasons why you need to keep renting office space Bristol:
1. Stop living at work

In a recent survey, 48% said they were working long and irregular hours at home. Office space lets you regain your work/life balance which is better for your wellbeing.
2. Build great team relationships

Those water cooler moments. A quick chat in the breakout area. Grabbing a coffee and discussing a great new project. You just can’t replicate the opportunities for creativity and true face-to-face collaboration via Zoom or Teams.
3. Routine is good for your health

It’s not just the daily commute, it’s lunchtime at the gym or a laugh and a drink with colleagues after work. A daily office-based routine is good for your mental health.
4. Create flexibility

Keeping your office space gives your team better flexibility to work where they’re most productive.
5. The ideal environment

Instant offices are great when you want to configure the ideal work environment and keep your team happy and creative.
What is a commercial property and why do I need it?

At Biztec we have high-quality commercial properties to rent in Bristol and its surrounding areas. If you need to keep your options open, then contact us today to enjoy the best in hybrid working.