A Brief Guide for a Successful Office Move

If only moving was as easy as bringing a laptop from one office space to another, but it’s not. It requires proper organisation and planning to be successful. If you’ve been given the task of arranging your relocation, you may be wondering where to start and what to include in your plans. So here we’re

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Discredited Myths About Serviced Office Spaces

Over the past years, serviced offices have been springing up to accommodate the needs of various businesses, from start-up companies and small business entrepreneurs to large corporations. However, despite the dramatic growth of co-working spaces, there are still many misconceptions. Today, we are going to debunk those myths to give you a clear understanding of

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Serviced Office vs Conventional Lease: What’s Best For Your Business

When you consider the average overhead costs of your operations and think of an alternative way to run your business cost-effectively, you will most likely assume that office spaces make up the most of your expenses. Whilst rental and energy costs increase, you still need to ensure that your office space will provide for the

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